Rhinoplasty: What You Should Take Into Account Before Having A Nose Job

The nose is one of the elements that most defines the face of each person. Large, small, wide, with a dorsal hump, long, pointed… Everyone has to deal with their own, whether they like it or not. But what happens when the shape of the nose is the cause of complexes or health problems? According to a study, 80% of these people decide to undergo surgery and undergo rhinoplasty. Most of these people chose the top rhinoplasty doctors Miami has to offer even though it was out of town. The reason being that they know this is permanent and don’t want to trust just anyone.

Entering an operating room, for whatever reason, is not a trivial matter.Even more so when it is a voluntary intervention and for aesthetic reasons. So, if we are determined to do so, it is best that we have well studied the answers to how, when and where (we understand that the why is already clear).

The aquiline nose , deviation of the nasal septum, globular (or ‘clown’) nose, reduction or enlargement of the nostrils …these These are just some of the problems that can be solved through rhinoplasty.

  • Attention to the degree . “It is essential that the doctor has an official degree, it is not a guarantee, but it is an endorsement.”
  • The curriculum does count . “You have to assess the professional career of the chosen doctor. Both his training and the places where he has worked and the scientific societies to which he belongs. It is also a support.”
  • Accredited clinics . “It is essential to bear in mind that interventions or treatments must be carried out in accredited consultations and hospitals, with adequate infrastructure to proceed with a surgical intervention and to follow all post-operative treatments.”
  • A matter of skin. “The confidence that the professional transmits to the patient is essential, since they have to feel comfortable asking all the questions they need, finding answers to the questions they raise and that they feel that the explanations are rigorous. That confidence is basic for the tranquility of the patient “.
  • The good recommendation. “Recommendations from the patient’s environment, or from family or friends who know that surgeon, are very important.”

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Video Animation – Guncel Ozturk, MD

Nose surgery is a complicated process. It can also me messy looking and difficult to se what is really going on unless you are a rhinoplasty surgeon. This video shows the process in an easier to comprehend manner. You will be able to see exactly what goes on and how a nose job is actually performed from start to finish:

I hope this video we found helped you understand the nose job process. Contact us for more information.…